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Volume One: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails

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The Baseball Project

Release Date: 2008


Item 1: cd
# Track Title Play
1Past Time Past Time
2Ted Fucking Williams Ted Fucking Williams
3Gratitude (For Curt Flood) Gratitude (For Curt Flood)
4Broken Man Broken Man
5Satchel Paige Said Satchel Paige Said
6Fernando Fernando
7Long Before My Time Long Before My Time
8Jackie's Lament Jackie's Lament
9Sometimes I Dream Of Willie Mays Sometimes I Dream Of Willie Mays
10The Death Of Big Ed Delahanty The Death Of Big Ed Delahanty
11Harvey Haddix Harvey Haddix
12The Yankee Flipper The Yankee Flipper
13The Closer The Closer

Volume One: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails

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    It took me a while to get around to the liner notes to the Baseball Project Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails. Liner notes, who needs them? But whaddayaknow,......more>
  • Phoenix New Times

    Long before steroids scandals, routine strikes (hey, it's hard living on 175 grand a year), and the high jinks of Pete Rose and Darryl Strawberry made national news, baseball was......more>
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    Although baseball and rock music are two of America’s favorite pastimes, they have mingled with mixed results. While you gotta dig the way Bruce Springsteen immortalized that pitcher friend of......more>
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    In the post-Watergate era, when most high school journalists were trying to emulate Woodward and Bernstein, I had a more immediate goal. I just wanted to be as good as......more>
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    Put together some musicians on a side project whose sole mission is to write songs about our national pasttime, and it's easy to be wary of the aforementioned disc sliding......more>
  • Pitchfork

    Baseball is unquestionably the hipster sport de rigueur, its clean mathematical order and heavy reliance on neatly sortable statistics engenders the type of nerdy admirers who probably share psychological profiles......more>
  • USA Today

    A very good season for baseball songs. Peter Cooper's 715 was a gem, John McCutcheon's Sermon on the Mound had its moments, and this collaboration between R.E.M. auxiliary/Young Fresh Fellows mainman Scott McCaughey and ex-Dream Syndicate singer/veteran solo artist Steve Wynn (joined by Linda Pitmon from Wynn's band and Peter Buck from R.E.M.) covers all the bases. I can attest to Wynn's love of the game (used to play softball with him way back), but the ad hoc band has more to offer than simple sentimentality -- this is dense, literary, even somewhat sabermetrically sound material, rich with legend and lore, and thoroughly enjoyable musically even if you are one of those sad souls who worships only the gridiron, the rink, the court or the racetrack.
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    Baseball is a slow game with a level of intensity and athleticism that is generally below that of many other sports. Yet there's nothing quite like sitting in the bleachers......more>
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    There are few things I love more than baseball and music. I love both for many of the same reasons; to paraphrase the great Tim Kurkjian, every day there is......more>
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    This isn't a set based on nostalgia, exactly, but is instead a full-blown piece of jangly modern folk-pop, and each song plays like it's an individual piece cut from the......more>

    The world of indie rock n’ roll does not lack for baseball fans. Stephen Malkmus has been known to fret over his fantasy baseball team just as much as the......more>
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    Concept albums about American baseball? On the surface, it’s an unlikely, fairly unappetising premise. Yet Scott McCaughey, lately of REM and Minus 5, and ex-Dream Syndicate leader Steve Wynn thought......more>
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    Despite its popularity with boozy rock & rollers, baseball has never inspired many good songs—Bob Dylan’s “Catfish,” ’90s indie rocker Barbara Manning’s “Dock Ellis” and that’s about it. The Baseball......more>
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    As the story goes, in 1992 Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate) and Scott McCaughey (Minus 5 and Young Fresh Fellows) met for the first time in the bathroom of a concert......more>
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    Admit it. Music about baseball stinks. If you were making a baseball mix for a friend, it'd be John Fogerty's "Centerfield" over and over about 18 or 19 times. Don't tell......more>
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    And so when Peter Buck of R.E.M., Scott McCaughey (The Miracle 3, Minus 5), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), and Linda Pitmon put their stamp of approval on this album about......more>